9000E kitchen/basin mixer

An optimal fusion of design and function. The FM Mattsson 9000E range ushers in a new generation of mixers that are environmentally engineered down to the last detail. The mixer brings beauty and technical perfection to your kitchen. Even in its basic version, the mixer has unique functions that save energy without compromising on comfort.


  • EcoSafe® mixer
  • Cold Start
  • Ceramic cartridge with soft closing function
  • Adjustable flow control and temperature limiter
  • Outlet up/down, switch nipple and lid to change
  • Spout must be ordered separately

Backflow protection unit type AA

K 9000E Vägghängd ettgreppsblandare 8130.jpg
No. FMM No. RSK Description
44450009 8295353 Accessories (limitation segment, stop screw, allen wrench 3 mm)
1 58500000 8591936 Lever, complete, L=90 mm
1 58501750 8591937 Lever, complete, L=150 mm
1 58501800 8592048 Lever, complete, L=180 mm
2 58510000 8591944 Cover lid with colour marking
3 58520000 8591945 Cover sleeve
4 60770000 8591918 Service tool
5 59120009 8591949 Ceramic cartridge with service tool, cold start (green ring)
5 59126000 8591966 Ceramic cartridge with service tool, Eco Plus (green ring)
6 59811800 8592011 Inlet connectors 150 c/c (left-handed thread)
7 59800800 8592005 Inlet connectors, 160 c/c
8 29888000 8243166 Nipple M18x1
9 37801550 8295350 O-ring 15,54 x 2,62, 2 pcs

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