For planning

Planning a building project, whether small or large, poses many challenges regarding legal requirements and environmental and energy certifications. We hope this page will facilitate your planning and help you find the best solutions for your project. We’re there to assist you throughout the process, and you’re welcome to contact us with questions or queries.

Watersprint – innovative water treatment

Every year, many people become severely ill from legionella, a severe form of pneumonia. The exact figure is unknown as many cases go unreported. Watersprint is a globally unique product that disinfects water and effectively eliminates bacteria, protozoa and viruses with modern UV LED technology at a low cost.
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Health & Care solutions

Hygiene and user friendliness are the most important attributes in a care environment. FM Mattsson has combined these attributes with high quality and sustainable design. We’re committed to combining user friendliness with visual appeal.
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Spare parts guarantee

A small fault in the mixer doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole mixer needs to be replaced. We offer spare parts for up to ten years after the product is discontinued from our range. Many of our spare parts can be purchased or ordered from your nearest dealer.
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