For installation

On this page you’ll find all the information and tools you need to install an FM Mattsson mixer. For most people, a tap or shower is simply an attractive interior fitting that supplies water and enhances the style of a kitchen or bathroom. But for us, with over 150 years in the industry, it means so much more. That’s also why plumbers choose FM Mattsson products for their installations.

Spare parts guarantee

A small fault in the mixer doesn’t necessarily mean that the whole mixer needs to be replaced. We offer spare parts for up to ten years after the product is discontinued from our range. Many of our spare parts can be purchased or ordered from your nearest dealer.
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PEX tool case

A tool case containing a type-approved connection system for pipes of various makes. Designed to make sanitary installers’ work easier and minimise installation errors.

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Watersprint - Innovative & intelligent water treatment

Numerous of people falls ill in the severe pneumonia Legionnaires disease every year – and the hidden statistics is yet huge. Watersprint is a unique product that, effective and to a low cost, disinfects water and reduces bacterias, protozoanes and viruses with modern UV-LED technique
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Why choose FM Mattsson?

When we develop our products, we know they must be of what we call “plumber quality”. That’s why we offer a wide selection of quality products that are easy to install and sustainable, and provide good support when needed.

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Health & Care solutions

Hygiene and user friendliness are the most important attributes in a care environment. FM Mattsson has combined these attributes with high quality and sustainable design. We’re committed to combining user friendliness with visual appeal.
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