Wall Plate 150 c/c, for PE-X-, PE-RT-, PB- and multilayer-pipes


  • For concealed fitting 
  • With screws and wall seal 
  • Connection remains on the surface of the wall 

    Connections has product certification issued by a product certification body in Sweden, RISE Certification, for: 
  • PE-X enligt EN ISO 15875: 15x2.5, 16x2.0 & 16x2.2 
  • PE-RT enligt EN ISO 22391: 15x2.5 & 16x2.2 
  • PB enligt EN ISO 15876: 16x2.0

    Multilayer pipe by manufacture: 
  • Uponor UNI PIPE PE-RT/AL/PE-RT 16*2 
  • Thermotech MultiSystem AluComposite PE-RT Type2/AL/PE-RT Typ2 16*2 
  • Roth Systemrohr Alu-Laserplus 16*2 mm PE-RT TypII/Al/PE-RT TypII 
  • LK PAL Universal Pipe A16 16*2,0 
  • TECElogo dimension 16 – multilayer pipe – PE-RT/Al/PE-RT 16*2,0 mm 
  • TECElogo dimension 16 – multilayer pipe – PE-Xc/Al/PE-RT 16*2,0 mm 
  • FRÄNKISCHE turatec multi 16*2 PE-RT II/Al/PE-RT II 
  • HENCO RIXc PE-Xc/Al/PE-Xc 16*2

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