FM Mattsson tronic shower panel WMS UV-LED, with thermostatic function, mains operation (without transformer)

Mains operated, included transformer and 10 m extension cable
Article number


  • Shower panel with built-in UV-LED device for effective combating of legionella and other microorganisms
  • Possibilities of wireless connection 
  • Bult-in safety function that turns off the water in case of a UV device failure 
  • Thermostatic function, with adjustable temperature  
  • Programmable start button. Rinsing time from 10–60 seconds, (30 seconds is the factory preset) 
  • Jet angle adjustable +/- 5° 
  • Flow limiter 9 l/min 
  • Stainless look 
  • Can be turned off by solenoid valve (eg for cleaning) 
  • IP class sensor, IP67 

  • Easy to change battery under the service cover without turning off the water supply 
  • Mains operation (included transformer and 10 m extension cable) 
  • Connection up G1/2". Ball valve are ordered seperately 

    Tronic WMS: 
  • With wireless connection to the Tronic WMS system (gateway and subscription required) alternatives via Dongel (1616-1000) the following opportunities are obtained: 
    - Programmable rinsing time from 10–60 seconds 
    - Built-in temperature measurements (measures output water temperature) 
    - Programmable temperature stop, the mixer will turn off directly at set maximum temperature 
    - Flush time control, prevents overflow, maximum flush time 5 min. 
    - Adjustable hygiene flushing, interval and flush time (to prevent water becoming stagnant) 
    - Logging of all flushings with point of time, water consumption and temperature. - Only with WMS 
    - Stagnation alarm (an alarm is emitted if the unit is not used within the set time) – Only with WMS 
    - Alarm via SMS or email – Only with WMS 

Backflow protection unit type EB

K Tronic duschpanel WMS UV LED.jpg
No. FMM No. RSK Description
1 16222600 8438816 Cover plug for battery, black
2 38607000 8591963 Thermostatic cartridge, complete, incl. service tool
3 409364.AE 8346506 Scalding protection ring, (max 42 °C)
4 16221600 8221795 Temperature handle, complete
5 16150012 8443246 UV-LED device, Purify Flex (12 LED)
6 16217000 8438820 Cabling, UV device
7 16231000 8438810 AC adapter
8 16202000 8221794 Solenoid valve
9 16216500 8438815 Electronic unit
10 16301000 8438821 Transformer 24V
11 729488.AE Extension cable, 10 m
12 22801509 5493432 Ball valve G1/2
13 29182000 8221808 Shower strainer
14 S600025 8221869 Shower head, complete

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