LEED certification

LEED certification cannot be awarded to an individual mixer. LEED is an environmental performance certification system for buildings. The LEED system comprises a number of categories in which various criteria must be met to earn one or more points, and in certain cases a minimum level must be achieved. This means that a mixer’s rating affects the result for the whole building. FM Mattsson offers specially selected products that help to meet LEED criteria.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a certification system that makes it possible to compare environmental performance at an international level.


Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Houses and other buildings today are built according to Nordic Swan Ecolabel standards to meet the increasing demand for sustainable construction. Nordic Swan certification cannot be awarded to individual mixers, but the mixer’s energy rating is important since it contributes to having a project or building Nordic Swan certified. This is done by means of a points system, and our mixers can earn points as follows: Energy Class A mixers 2 points, Energy Class B mixers 1 point, and electronic mixers 1 point.

Energy classification, our products

Energy Class A: Cold start function combined with extra low Eco Flow. Applies to shower kits with an Eco Plus mixer combined with a shower set with Eco Flow. Energy performance: max. 1.6 kWh.
Energy Class B: Cold start function combined with Eco Flow and Eco Plus. Energy performance: max. 2.2 kWh.
Energy Class C: Cold start function combined with Eco Flow. Energy performance: max. 2.8 kWh.

Energy labelling

Energy labelling is an objective rating system that shows exactly how much energy a mixer uses.

The system was developed by a number of players including sanitary fittings manufacturers, building companies, property owners and authorities such as the Swedish Energy Agency. It is based on standardised laboratory tests and certification rules. Its aim is simple: to offer impartial help for buyers, installation firms, air conditioning consultants and consumers.

The mixer’s energy performance is assessed by measuring and registering water pressure, mixed water temperature and flushing time for twelve different activities.

The values registered for each of these activities are added together to obtain a total energy consumption value, which is displayed on the label. This total value determines the mixer’s energy rating.

Safe Water

Safe Water Installation (Säker Vatteninstallation) is a set of industry* regulations to safeguard the quality of sanitary installations, prevent injury and damage and ensure compliance with the building regulations of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket).

FM Mattsson products come with documentation proving that they meet Swedish (Boverket) building regulations, which means they are certified by an accredited certification and assessment body.
The basic requirement is that the product must be type approved/certified in order for its installation instructions to be approved according to Safe Water Installation Industry Regulations.
Installation instructions that are approved under these regulations show how the finished installation meets Safe Water Installation Industry Regulations.

Byggvarubedömningen and SundaHus


FM Mattsson conducts systematic, long-term efforts to provide the best products in terms of environmental care, health, safety and user comfort. In recent years, we have developed product collections with lower environmental impact throughout the supply chain, from production to end consumers.

There are several actors in the market today offering environmental assessments of building materials. Our standpoint is that we should be available to take part in this process if the customer wants. We are continuously increasing the number of products listed in building materials assessment systems such as Byggvarubedömningen and SundaHus.