Tronic WMS – Simpler. Safer. More Profitable.

If you own or manage properties, you know that the quality requirements for water installations are becoming increasingly stringent. You also know that it costs time and money to manage the installations manually – resources that you could use for other things.

The solution to these challenges is called Tronic WMS, a Water Management System that allows you to monitor all mixers in your properties and perform hygiene flushing remotely from your computer or smartphone.

You save time and resources that you can use for your core business. You gain insights into usage patterns that you can use to create business value. And you reduce your costs for both water and energy.

The heart of the system is our connected touchless mixers, which are as easy to install as our regular mixers. No wiring is needed.

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News – Smart Hygiene Flushing

With our latest innovation, smart hygiene flushing, you can set which times and days of the week you want the mixer to perform a hygiene flush. The smart feature of this function is that the mixer analyzes the total flushing time since the last hygiene flush and only flushes the remaining time. If the total time exceeds the set hygiene flushing time, there will only be a short flush of 2 seconds to register a flush.

Before this function existed, flushes were performed regularly and with the set flush time regardless of how much the mixer had been used since the last hygiene flush was performed. This would then be an unnecessary flush since there had already been a water exchange in the pipes up to the mixer.

More information about our Smart Hygiene Flushing will be available soon. If you want to know more now, contact us using the form below, and we will assist you further.


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