Holiday Club Katinkulta monitors its water use at the spa

Holiday Club Katinkulta in Vuokatti is the first holiday resort in Finland to have installed the FM Mattsson smart connected mixers at its spa. Products with FM Mattssons tronic Water Management System (WMS) provide the spa’s maintenance team with detailed information about the showers’ water use and automatically report errors. The first shower fittings were installed in December 2018. In total, the spa boasts 26 showers with WMS functionality.


Jari Niskanen from Holiday Club Katinkulta comments: 

- Thanks to the online WMS portal, we’ve got access to data about how often the showers are turned on and how much water they use. Both in the men’s and women’s areas, we divided the showers into three clusters, all linked to the portal. That way, we also get to find out which clusters of showers are most popular and when the spa is at its busiest.

FM Mattsson’s WMS portal offers specific and timely maintenance alerts
- The showers at the spa are turned on all the time and use a lot water,” Jari Niskanen continues. “During the autumn half-term holidays in 2019, for example, one of the showers was used up to 4,166 times. On the busiest day of that week, a single shower was turned on 356 times. Faced with those kinds of crowds, shower fittings need to work hard. Since our showers are battery-powered, the most popular mixers soon run out of power. Luckily, the portal lets us monitor the batteries’ power level. Real-time information also tells us whether any of the mixers need maintenance.

Based on that information, we’ll make the most popular showers mains operated; we’ll simply replace the battery in the shower set with an AC adapter. The portal also allows us to reduce our water use by adjusting the showers’ flush time.

- The mixers have held up well despite our spa’s popularity. These past three years, we’ve only had to replace a few cartridges,” Jari Niskanen of Holiday Club Katinkulta concludes with satisfaction.

The pilot project provided the manufacturer with valuable information that will allow it to finetune its products
Arto Kervinen from FM Mattsson, which is part of the project, comments:

- The Katinkulta pilot project gave us important insight into the way the electronics in FM Mattsson’s water fittings, like the radio transmitters, behave in persistently humid environments. Examining the original WMS transmitters showed us how we could improve our mixers. As a result, our WMS products are now even better equipped to handle the demanding environment a spa tends to be.