Five years lime guarantee

Even if you have a hard water supply this will not effect the operation of our mixers. We guarantee this. The guarantee applies to all FM Mattsson safety mixers.


Five years temp guarantee

Thanks to the dual function of our safety mixers, you always get the required water temperature. We guarantee that the temperature will remain within ±1 °C while the water is running, even if the temperature and the pressure in the pipes vary. Access to a hot water supply is a condition for the validity of this guarantee. The guarantee applies to all our safety mixers.


5 years pressure guarantee

Our globally unique soft-close function prevents pressure shocks and impact in the pipes. We guarantee this. The guarantee applies to all FM Mattsson single lever mixers with soft closing function.


Cold Start

Cold Start uses less hot water but offers the same high comfort. When the mixer is turned on with the lever pointing straight forward, it supplies cold water only. This saves a lot of hot water.


Eco Plus

Eco Plus saves hot water because you must actively choose to turn the water on full. The safety mixers have an Eco Plus button on the flow control knob. On single lever mixers, the lever must be pushed past a resistance to turn the mixer to full flow. Release the lever to return to half flow.



The Ecosafe® concept is based on environmental awareness throughout the whole product lifecycle. This includes reduced environmental impact in the factory, smart choice of materials and energy-smart functions that make the end products environmentally friendly and recyclable.


Easy to use

Easy to use means that the product is easy to use regardless of age, health or physical strength. We are proud to manufacture mixers that make everyday life easier for everyone.


Soft Closing

The Soft Closing function creates a moment’s delay before the mixer closes. This prevents pressure shocks and impact in the pipes and mixer, thereby increasing their lifespan. A globally unique system that we are immensely proud of.


Eco Flow

Products especially engineered for maximum savings are marked with our Eco Flow symbol. Our kitchen mixers, basin mixers and shower mixers have water saving functions. This can greatly reduce your water and energy costs.


Safe Temp

Our thermostatic mixers guarantee a constant temperature even if the pressure and temperature in the pipes fluctuate. The water temperature always remains within a range of ±1 °C, which eliminates the risk of scalding.



Antibactus are products intended for thermal flushing. This prevent the risk of thriving environments of legionella and removes possible bacteria in the water system.


Lead Free

Lead Free means that we have eliminated the lead that is normally found in brass alloys. This will reduce environmental impact of the products. Products classified as Lead Free contain less than 0.1 % lead.


Frost Safe

Our garden valves are self-draining and therefore frost-proof even if you forget to dismantle the garden hose before the season with degrees below zero. However, we recommend that you always remove the hose and coupling when there is a risk of low temperatures. Approved non-return valves.


Hygiene Flush

A programmed function for hygiene flushing to prevent stagnant water and to ensure a regular exchange between hot and cold water, which prevents bacteria growth in the water system. Hygiene flushing must not be confused with Antibactus flushing, which removes bacteria possibly already arisen in the system.


Safe Touch

The surface of our products with Safe Touch remains relatively cool to touch. Products with the Safe Touch function is suitable for environments with specific requirements, for example within nursing homes and public facilities.


Tronic WMS (Water Management System)

Products that can be integrated with our parent system Tronic WMS. Data from the mixers can be used to optimize water and energy consumption while also programming the mixer via the platform.