Meet Björn Erkersson
– Group Sustainability Manager responsible for sustainability initiatives and reporting.

There is a lot of talk about sustainability, but what does it really mean? At FM Mattsson, we interpret the concept literally and therefore work tirelessly to create healthy and considerate processes for our products, our employees, and the nature we come into contact with. We want to take responsibility at every step, plain and simple.

Together with our Sustainability Manager Björn Erkersson, we want to take a closer look at how this work looks in reality. What does sustainability work look like today and what goals does FM Mattsson have for the future? Let's dive into it.

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What are our long-term sustainability visions and goals?

We have divided our sustainability efforts into three focus areas: sustainable processes, sustainable products, and sustainable people. Within each of these areas, we have several specific goals and metrics, but at an overarching level, our ambition is to:

  1. Reduce the CO2 footprint by 5% per year relative to sales volumes.

  2. Increase the sales of products classified as sustainable by at least 12% annually.

  3. Maintain a healthy attendance rate of over 95%.


What are we currently working on to achieve these goals?

We are in the process of implementing a new evaporator that will reduce the amount of liquid hazardous waste that needs to be transported for destruction by approximately 80%. Another project we are working on is the ability to recycle our foundry sand. By recycling the sand internally, we increase circularity, reduce waste, and transportation needs. We are also making a significant investment in education and dialogue surrounding active employee engagement for all employees. We strongly believe that this contributes to a positive culture that adds value, both for our employees and ultimately our customers. Additionally, we are currently launching the FMM 9000XE series, with sustainability as a primary focus.

What is FM Mattsson doing to contribute to circularity?

All electricity used in our production in Mora comes from renewable sources, and we cast our faucets/showers in brass - an alloy that has long had a high degree of recycled material. Any brass that doesn't become a faucet/shower is recycled (e.g., chips and cut-offs), either by melting it down ourselves or by sending it to our brass supplier for processing. We are known for the long lifespan of our products, and with high availability of spare parts, it's easy to maintain the products instead of buying new ones.


What makes you proud to work at FM Mattsson?

FM Mattsson is a company with a long tradition of quality products used daily by many people. Working on water and energy conservation for our customers is something that has been ongoing long before I joined the company, which feels really good. Our production chain in Mora starts with us purchasing sand and brass. All processing steps are in-house before we package a finished faucet/shower in a box. It's really great to be a part of both developing and maintaining that tradition.

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