Cold Start – kind to the environment

Your comfort is not affected, and the hot water is supplied as quickly as in an ordinary tap. As previously, there is also a built-in scald protection system that reduces the risk of hot water scalding.
The cold start function offers big hot water savings with minimal impact on comfort. When the tap is turned on with the lever facing straight forward, it always supplies cold water. Most people find this the most comfortable position for turning the tap on and off. The next time you use the tap, you start from the cold position. This stops you wasting hot water.

Another advantage is that when you only use the tap briefly, you avoid drawing hot water into the pipes that remains unused and goes cold.
Because the hot water is only activated when the lever is turned to the left of the centre line, you have to intentionally turn the lever to the left to activate the hot water. You avoid unnecessary hot water waste without even noticing it.
In addition, the cold start function gives you an extra large cold water zone, as the lever has a pivot radius of about 30° within which it only supplies cold water.

As a result, the risk of unintentionally mixing in hot water is almost zero. By comparison, a conventional mixer has a cold water zone of only 5°. Warm tap water can pose a health risk and should not be used for food and drink.

(Siljan kithen mixer)