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Tronic WMS

Tronic WMS
Mixers on-line contributes to sensible and more sustainable communities

FM Mattsson and Telia have together carried out an innovative project in order to explore the digital possibilities with mixers on-line for public environments such as hospitals and indoor swimming-baths.

This has resulted in a unique new system, our Tronic WMS (Water Management System). With the data obtained from the mixer, apart from optimizing the water and energy consumption, you can also gather data which can be of great help in planning maintenance and the actual design of a building. This initiative is an example of
how digitalization can contribute to a sensible and more sustainable community.

Today there are high demands upon mixers in public environments where many people use the facilities, for example bathrooms and toilets in commercial buildings, hospitals and swimming-baths. Maintenance may be ineffective when taken care of by manual inspections.

There is a risk that faults are not dealt with in time, which can cause both unnecessary costs and cause a negative experience for the customer.

The electronic products from FM Mattson for public buildings are connected via the mobile network to our IoT (Internet of Things) based platform Tronic WMS.

"This project has made us aware of how digitalization can contribute to a more effective and more sensible maintenance of public installations, where we can contribute to
a better environment, offer more cost-effective services to our customers and offer a better experience for everyone using the facilities. This is just the beginning of our digital journey."

–Frank Rälg, Business Development Manager at FM Mattsson Mora Group