9000 safety bath mixer

9000 is FM Mattsson’s best selling mixer range, and is installed in more Swedish homes than any other mixer today. It has a classic, harmonious design, and the safety mixer features several unique technical innovations. It quickly fills the bath, and maintains constant temperature in all situations. Safe and comfortable, without risk of scalding.


  • Pressure balanced thermostatic mixer
  • Fixed spout with diverter
  • Temperature handle with safety stop at 38°C
  • Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717
Backflow protection unit type HC
K 9000 Säkerhetsblandare 160cc och 150cc och 40cc.jpg
No. FMM No. RSK Description
1 35930009 8591548 On/off handle, chrome
2 35201400 8585846 On/off headwork with valve cone
3 36001500 8913411 Valve cone
3 36001549 8913436 Valve cone, 10 pcs
4 38601009 8591609 Thermostatic cartridge, complete, incl. service tool
5 38680009 8591701 Filter kit incl. o-rings and service tool
6 38520007 8591592 Scalding protection ring, standard (black)
7 35940009 8591551 Temperature handle, chrome
8 59800000 8591543 Inlet connectors, 160 c/c
8 59810000 8591544 Inlet connectors 150-153 c/c (left-handed thread)
9 29830529 8591702 Non-return valves, 2 pcs
10 39710000 8591571 Nipple M22x1-G1/2 for shower mixer
11 39750100 8591621 Nipple
12 38730006 8591623 Locking screw
13 39412000 8591533 Diverter, complete, without locking ring, 9000
14 39421000 8591540 Diverter knob
15 29032839 8242060 Aerator M28 ext., 24–26 l/min at 300 kPa
16 29712000 8591530 Wall bracket for 40 c/c mixers, complete
17 59820000 8591545 Inlet connector for 40 c/c mixer
18 38690000 8591633 Cover lid, chrome
19 29831529 8591641 Non-return valves, 2 pcs
20 35970130 8591546 Wing (grey)
21 37120000 8295342 Locking ring
22 39030000 8295347 End cover, chrome, 2 pcs


Accepted installation instructions

Safe Water Installation (Säker Vatteninstallation) is a set of industry* regulations to safeguard the quality of sanitary installations, prevent injury and damage and ensure compliance with the building regulations of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket).


Lead Free means that we have eliminated the lead that is normally found in brass alloys. This will reduce environmental impact of the products. Products classified as Lead Free contain less than 0.1 % lead.


Energy labelling is an objective rating system that shows exactly how much energy a mixer uses. The system was developed by a number of players including sanitary fittings manufacturers, building companies, property owners and authorities such as the Swedish Energy Agency. It is based on standardised laboratory tests and certification rules. Its aim is simple: to offer impartial help for buyers, installation firms, air conditioning consultants and consumers. The mixer’s energy performance is assessed by measuring and registering water pressure, mixed water temperature and flushing time for twelve different activities. The values registered for each of these activities are added together to obtain a total energy consumption value, which is displayed on the label. This total value determines the mixer’s energy rating.