SILJAN basin mixer

Soft, curved lines and ultra-shiny surfaces. We have emphasised clean design, simplicity and function, in line with our vision of caring for people and the environment. Strong focus has been placed on design, and specific shapes are used consistently to create a coordinated look.
Big or small? Our FM Mattsson Siljan has products for everybody, regardless of their taste or the size of their home. The new Siljan Mini basin mixer is a compact product that packs a punch. Specially designed for small homes, small bathrooms or small hands. The choice is yours. Needless to say, you get the same high quality, just in a smaller size.
Chrome, Lead Free, connection nut G3/8"
Article number
Flow 3 bar
6.2 l/m


  • With push-down waste
  • Cold Start
  • Ceramic cartridge with soft closing function
  • Adjustable flow control and temperature limiter
  • Eco Flow (energy and water saving aerator)
  • Soft PEX® hoses (stainless steel braided)
Backflow protection unit type AA
K Siljan Kök Tvätt Utan DM.jpg
No. FMM No. RSK Description
44450009 8295353 Accessories (limitation segment, stop screw, allen wrench 3 mm)
1 58501000 8592023 Complete lever, chrome
2 58511000 8592021 Cover lid with colour marking
3 58521000 8592020 Cover sleeve, chrome
4 58530140 8241726 Fastening nipple with service tool
5 60770000 8591918 Service tool
6 59115500 8591947 Ceramic cartridge with service tool, standard (red ring)
6 59120009 8591949 Ceramic cartridge with service tool, cold start (green ring)
6 59120000 8591769 Ceramic cartridge, cold start (green ring)
6 59126000 8591966 Ceramic cartridge with service tool, Eco Plus (green ring)
6 S600232 Cartridge, for basin mixer, LEED compliant
7 58641000 8594560 Lock kit for swivel spout
8 58650000 8186897 Spout, chrome
9 29142200 8281524 Housing M22 int.
10 29142400 8281526 Housing M24 ext., 13 mm
11 39140800 8186891 Fastening kit for basin mixer
12 39142800 8186893 Fastening kit, for kitchen mixer with on/off valve
13 39147000 8592050 Stabilizer kit
14 35974009 8592038 Care-kit
15 58504000 8592049 Care-lever, complete
16 S600206 8233049 Self-closing hand shower, chrome
17 34093000 8186018 Wall bracket, chrome
18 S600207 8236647 Shower hose, L=1,5 m, chrome
19 29390000 8295356 Fastening nipple
20 37801550 8295350 O-ring 15,54 x 2,62, 2 pcs
21 29102890 8281533 Aerator insert, 10–13 l/min at 300kPa
22 29100500 8281532 Aerator insert, 5 l/min at 200–600 kPa
22 29102710 8281528 Aerator insert, 9–11 l/min at 300kPa
22 29102910 8281534 Aerator insert, 5,5–6,5 l/min at 300kPa
22 S600072 8281671 Aerator insert, 3 l/min at 200–600 kPa
23 29285009 8242280 Aerator M22 int., ball joint, 7–9 l/min at 300 kPa


Accepted installation instructions

Safe Water Installation (Säker Vatteninstallation) is a set of industry* regulations to safeguard the quality of sanitary installations, prevent injury and damage and ensure compliance with the building regulations of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket).


Lead Free means that we have eliminated the lead that is normally found in brass alloys. This will reduce environmental impact of the products. Products classified as Lead Free contain less than 0.1 % lead.


Energy labelling is an objective rating system that shows exactly how much energy a mixer uses. The system was developed by a number of players including sanitary fittings manufacturers, building companies, property owners and authorities such as the Swedish Energy Agency. It is based on standardised laboratory tests and certification rules. Its aim is simple: to offer impartial help for buyers, installation firms, air conditioning consultants and consumers. The mixer’s energy performance is assessed by measuring and registering water pressure, mixed water temperature and flushing time for twelve different activities. The values registered for each of these activities are added together to obtain a total energy consumption value, which is displayed on the label. This total value determines the mixer’s energy rating.