Save water and energy

The average person in Sweden uses roughly 140 litres of water every day. And a fifth of the energy in a typical household goes to water heating. We can reduce these figures simply by installing environmentally smart mixers.


We know that an environmentally smart mixer can cut your water and energy use by up to 30 percent. Many of our products are classified under Swedish energy class A to C for mixers. And the Eco Plus function reduces water pressure without affecting perceived comfort.
Now we have an objective labelling system that shows exactly how much energy your mixer uses. The system was developed by various players including sanitary fittings manufacturers, building companies, property owners and authorities such as the Swedish Energy Agency. It is based on standardised laboratory tests and certification rules. Its aim is simple: to offer impartial help for buyers, installation firms, air conditioning consultants and consumers.

The energy labelling process

The mixer’s energy performance is assessed by measuring and registering water pressure, mixed water temperature and flushing time for twelve different activities. The values registered for each of these activities are added together to obtain a total energy consumption value, which is displayed on the label. This total value determines the mixer’s energy rating.

We strongly approve of this initiative — our 9000E mixer, our Siljan basin mixer and our shower kits have the top energy rating.

Cold start

The cold start function saves hot water without affecting perceived comfort. When a mixer with cold start is turned on with the lever facing straight forward, it always supplies cold water. (Watch the video on cold start to the right).
Studies have shown that when people turn on a tap, they usually keep it running for less than 30 seconds. Although we don’t notice it, every time we do this we activate both the hot and the cold water. This means that energy-intensive hot water starts moving towards the pipes, even though it’s not needed and ends up not being used. This is where our cold start function comes in.
With the lever facing straight forward, which is the most common position, the tap only supplies cold water. Note that this function doesn’t in any way affect how long it takes to get hot water. When you turn the lever to the hot setting on the left, the hot water function works exactly as usual. The hot water is only activated when you move the lever to the left of the centre line. This means your comfort isn’t affected. You notice no difference, but you make a difference to the environment. The next time you use the tap, you start from the cold position. This stops you wasting hot water.
Moreover, the cold start function gives you an extra wide cold water zone, as the lever has a pivot radius of about 30° within which it only supplies cold water. As a result, the risk of unintentionally mixing in hot water is almost zero. By comparison, a conventional mixer has a cold water zone of only 5°. Warm tap water can pose a health risk and should not be used for food and drink.

Touch-free mixers

The Siljan Duo and 9000E Tronic are our touch-free mixers. When you put your hand in front of the sensor, the mixer automatically starts and supplies water for a limited time. This saves water and energy.