EcoSafe® for a better environment

We have decided to promote a healthier, more sustainable environment. For this reason, we are intensifying our efforts to combat small everyday environmental problems. We know from experience that they affect us just as much as the bigger problems. 

The idea behind EcoSafe® is to always focus on the whole picture. Otherwise we risk improving our environmental performance in one area but losing ground in other areas. For this reason, we must start by minimising the total environmental impact of our activities and production. Then we minimise the total impact for you, as a user.

Solving this type of environmental issue is no easy task. We have used all the company’s collective experience, expertise and commitment to find the optimum solution. Together, we have reviewed all aspects of our products – from energy and water saving technology in our mixers to transport and factory energy consumption.

Researchers and experts have long been in agreement: Humans are having an increasing impact on the planet. We will do everything we can to bring about positive changes. You can do the same. By installing environmentally friendly taps in your kitchen and bathroom, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 30%.