After a FM Mattsson mixer is installed, it should stand up to many years of daily use. High quality equals hard-wearing mixers.

Soft closing

The Soft Closing function ensures that the tap closes gently when you turn it off. This prevents water hammer in the pipes and prolongs the life of the mixer, pipes and connectors.
Closing a tap too quickly and too hard can cause pressure shocks and water hammer in the pipes, which affects both lifespan and sustainability. Our soft closing system prevents these problems by creating a momentary delay before the tap lever reaches its lowest position. This helps keep the tap in good condition and prolongs the life
of the tap, pipes and connectors. It also prevents disturbing noise in the pipe system.


Our mixers are built to last. In the unlikely event of a fault, we provide excellent guarantees and fast service to help you solve the problem.

Our guarantees

Spare parts

Spare parts are available for all our products. This means you usually don’t have to replace the whole mixer, but only individual parts. You can easily source the parts in shops and through our installers nationwide.