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Shower mixers


In the FM Mattsson Siljan collection, strong focus has been placed on design. Specific shapes are used consistently to create a coordinated look. In combination with smart technology, this results in a range of safe, eco-friendly mixers with very low energy and water consumption.

Our energy-saving functions and well-known high quality are the cornerstones of our new signature collection, FM Mattsson Siljan. Also see our Siljan shower and bath packages – smart all-in-one solutions with an overhead shower or hand shower set.


If basin mixers could think, our 9000E mixers would have energy and the environment on their mind. That’s why they are energylabelled. E stands for EcoSafe®.

Perhaps the best thing about them is that only cold water is running when you turn the tap on with the lever pointing straight forwards. This saves hot water.

9000E Concealed mixer
FM Mattsson 9000E Concealed single lever mixer


Our 9000 mixers are like most people – they don’t want to be in the kitchen only. 

The pre-series also includes bathroom taps, true classics in combination with Swedish basins, shower cabins and bathtubs.

9000 for shower cabin
9000 termostatic mixer for shower cabin


Garda is a series of very durable mixers. And we’re not just talking about high quality
features such as soft closing and ceramic seals.

We’re also referring to their classic look, which makes them a timeless household
favourite. Let Garda into your bathroom and you´ll enjoy both great design and function.


Origo is a collection of mixers that combines creative, distinctive design with practical ergonomics and safety functions. Rubber-coated knobs make it easy to grip and adjust the controls.

The smart bath spout can be used both to fill the bath and to switch between bath and shower function. Turn the spout to the side to take a shower or turn it forwards to fill the bath.