Thermostatic mixer MORA MMIX SAFE

Mora MMIX combines elegance and ergonomic design with energy-efficiency.

The Mora MMIX thermostats are equipped with Safe Touch, which means that the outside of the mixer remains relatively cool to touch. Products with the Safe Touch function is suitable for environments with specific requirements, for example within nursing homes and public facilities.

The mixers were developed according to our unique EcoSafe™ concept focusing on low energy consumption and long-term environmental care.

The mixer is lead-free.


  • With shower connection down
  • Pressure balanced thermostatic mixer
  • Temperature handle with safety stop at 38°C, maximum temperature at 43°C
  • With Eco-function
  • Lead Free material
  • Equipped with function for thermal disinfection against legionella
  • Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717
  • lead free
K MMIX term 150cc och 160cc.png
No. FMM No. RSK Description
1 409353.AA 8345088 On/off handle, complete, chrome, retail packed
1 409353.0011AA 8345087 On/off handle, complete, chrome/black, retail packed
2 409358.AA 8345089 End cover, chrome, retail packed
2 409358.0011AA 8345090 End cover, black, retail packed
3 409354.AA 8345137 Ceramic headwork, retail packed
4 409355.AE 8345136 Thermostatic cartridge, complete, with service tool
5 891096.AE 8345921 Service tool
6 409363.AE 8346505 Scalding protection ring, (standard)
7 409364.AE 8346506 Scalding protection ring, (max 42 °C)
8 409352.AA 8345086 Temperature handle, complete, chrome, retail packed
8 409352.0011AA 8345085 Temperature handle, complete, chrome/black, retail packed
9 409356 8344853 Swivel spout, for coversion of shower mixer to bath/shower mixer, chrome
10 209519.AE 8938340 O-ring, for swivel spout
11 131415.AE 8281512 Housing M24 utv., 15 mm, chrome
12 409370.AA 8345139 Rebuild kit, care, black/chrome, retail packed
12 409370.0085AA 8345162 Rebuild kit, care, lime/black, retail packed
12 409370.0095AE 8345210 Rebuild kit, care, red/black
13 409440.AE 8345211 Rebuild kit with fixed temp. stop, care, chrome
13 409440.0085AE 8345212 Rebuild kit with fixed temp. stop, care, chrome/lime
14 409360.AA 8187781 Inlet connector 150 c/c (left-handed thread), retail packed
14 409361.AA 8187782 Inlet connector 160 c/c, retail packed
15 409359.AA 8345172 Filter kit for connecting links, retail packed
16 409366.AE Nipple M18x1 with o-ring for bath mixer
17 129154.AE 8295332 Stop ring
18 129131.AE 8295316 O-ring (18,1 x 1,6), 2 pcs
19 708655.AE 8295447 Locking screw
20 409365.AE 8187026 Nipple M18x1 - G1/2
21 139783.AE 8281546 Aerator inlet, 20–24 l/min at 300 kPa

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