MORA safe shower mixer


  • With shower connection down
  • Compensates temperature and pressure fluctuations
  • Temperature handle with safety stop at 38°C, maximum temperature at 38°C
  • Equipped with function for thermal disinfection against legionella
  • Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717
K Mora Safe 150cc och 160cc.png
No. FMM No. RSK Description
1 409463.AE 8185714 Temperature handle, complete, chrome
2 409464.AE 8345215 Stop ring
3 409465.AE 8185713 Kit (thermostatic cartridge, handle, stop ring)
4 409468.AE 8345213 Lever, L=58 mm
5 409469.AE 8345214 Lever, L=170 mm
6 409369.AE 8938270 Headwork
7 708450.AE 8439686 On/off handle, complete, chrome
8 708451.AE 8439689 Stop ring for on/off handle, RH
9 708467.AE 8345124 Headwork
10 709339.AE 8938274 Gasket 24/15x2, 2 pcs
11 708338.AE Non-return valve (2 pcs)
12 708080.AE Holder for filter, complete
13 139465.AE 8186872 Non-return valve, with lock ring
14 129380.AE 8345651 Non-return valve (2 pcs)
15 719169.AE Thermosatic cartridge, for thermal disinfection against legionella

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