MEDICARE tronic WMS basin mixer, mains operation

The touch-free MEDICARE Tronic WMS basin mixer satisfies all hygiene requirements in the market. Made from a lead-free material, it has a smooth, clean-lined design. Joints have been kept to a minimum for easier cleaning and use. The connection tubes have new protective sleeving and the aerator has no air admixture, thus reducing the risk of spreading bacteria. The sensor-controlled function improves hygiene by allowing you to use your tap without touching it.

And to obtain even more advanced functionality, the mixer can be connected to our innovative digital cloud service, Tronic WMS. This allows the mixers to be monitored, analysed and evaluated, providing valuable information which can be used to improve operation and use.

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About the collection
The FM Mattsson MEDICARE collection has been designed in close collaboration with healthcare experts. The MEDICARE collection places emphasis on hygiene, accessibility and sustainability and is designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare sector while making daily life easier for users with impaired mobility or orientation capacity.

Chrome, mains operation (without transformer)
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  • Aerator without air admixture, constant flow 6 l/min at 200–600 kPa
  • Flexible connection tubes in stainless steel braided Soft PEX® with 3/8" connecting nut, with protective plastic covering for improved hygiene and easier cleaning
  • Hygienic design, joints kept to a minimum
  • WMS mixer tap with the option of wireless connection to our Tronic WMS system or programming via a dongle.
  • Hygiene flushing function for minimising bacterial growth in the water system.
  • Soft closing solenoid valve
  • Flush Timeout - safety shut-off to prevent flooding
  • Rinse time
  • Cleaning mode, time-limited shut-off for cleaning
  • Equipped with system for thermal disinfection against legionella
  • IP class sensor, IP67
  • Approved non-return valves, EN-Standard EN1717
  • Environmental friendly material, Lead free, Nickel Free

  • Temperature knob can be removed and replaced with a cover (included)
  • Mains operation requires installation of the power supply FMM S600129, alternatively transformer FMM S600128
  • Hole diameter Ø33,5-37 mm

    Functions via Tronic WMS/dongle:
  • Programmable of:
    - Flush Timeout
    - Rinse time
    - Hygiene flushing, interval and flush time
    - Maximum temperature 
    - Initiation of thermal disinfection
  • Additional functions with Tronic WMS:
    - Operational monitoring (flushings, water consumption and temperature, battery status, etc.)
    - Logging of all events
    - Alarm via SMS or email
    - Documentation and report function

Backflow protection unit type EB

No. FMM No. RSK Description
1 16230000 8553506 AC adapter
2 S600135 8483191 Battery
3 16201000 8553500 Solenoid valve
4 16222000 8553505 Cover plug
5 16221000 8553504 Lever
6 16216100 8438811 Electronic unit, for WMS mixer
7 S600150 Service magnet
8 29142400 8281526 Housing M24 ext., 13 mm
9 29100550 8281531 Aerator insert, 5 l/min at 200–600 kPa
10 38800009 8295340 Filter kit Soft PEX 3/8", 2 pcs
11 39141600 8553512 Fastening kit


Accepted installation instructions

Safe Water Installation (Säker Vatteninstallation) is a set of industry* regulations to safeguard the quality of sanitary installations, prevent injury and damage and ensure compliance with the building regulations of the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (Boverket).


Lead Free means that we have eliminated the lead that is normally found in brass alloys. This will reduce environmental impact of the products. Products classified as Lead Free contain less than 0.1 % lead.


Energy labelling is an objective rating system that shows exactly how much energy a mixer uses. The system was developed by a number of players including sanitary fittings manufacturers, building companies, property owners and authorities such as the Swedish Energy Agency. It is based on standardised laboratory tests and certification rules. Its aim is simple: to offer impartial help for buyers, installation firms, air conditioning consultants and consumers. The mixer’s energy performance is assessed by measuring and registering water pressure, mixed water temperature and flushing time for twelve different activities. The values registered for each of these activities are added together to obtain a total energy consumption value, which is displayed on the label. This total value determines the mixer’s energy rating.