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Functionality and high quality are the distinctive features of every product designed by FM Mattsson, environmentally smart mixers with great economic and environmental benefits.

FM Mattsson brand movie

FM Mattsson brand movie FM Mattsson brand movie

FM Mattsson is the oldest tap manufacturer in Sweden. FM Mattsson was founded in 1865 by Frost Mats Mattsson, and he became the pioneer for the whole industry.

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Cold Start

Cold Start Cold Start

Cold Start uses less hot water but offers the same high comfort. When the mixer is turned on with the lever pointing straight forward, it supplies cold water only. This saves a lot of hot water.

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Safe Temp

Safe Temp Safe Temp

Even temperature. There is no risk of scalding thanks to a smart lever function that keeps the water temperature constant at ±1 °C.

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Soft Closing

Soft Closing Soft Closing

The Soft Closing function creates a moment’s delay before the tap closes. This prevents pressure shocks and impact in the pipes and mixer, thereby increasing their lifespan. A globally unique system that we are immensely proud of.

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