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The history of FM Mattsson dates back to 19th century rural Sweden.

The local brazier Frost Matts Mattsson was a highly enterprising young man. A skilled craftsman, he cast brass parts for clocks, ornaments for local traditional costumes and various other products. But when hard times struck, Frost Matts was forced to find alternative means of income. He cast his first boiler room tap in 1876, laying the foundations for today´s production.

During those hard times, daily life was focused almost entirely on adapting to the challenges of nature. A sustained rainfall or a sudden burst of frost could tip the fine balance between survival and starvation. Periodically, the lean soil yielded such poor harvests that the farmers were forced to find alternative means of income. Here in Östnor near Mora in central Sweden, the villagers started making clocks to supplement their earnings. After a full day’s work in the fields, they would retire indoors and make clocks, sometimes well into the small hours. For a few years, the entire village resembled a large communal clock workshop.

Today, more than 150 years later, FM Mattsson is one of the largest, most state-of-the-art sanitary fitting factory in northern Europe. Hundreds of thousands of mixers leave our factory every year to be installed in kitchens and bathrooms worldwide – in huts and mansions alike.