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About FM Mattsson

About FM Mattsson

An innovator for more than 150 years!

FM Mattsson is the oldest tap manufacturer in Sweden. FM Mattsson was founded in 1865 by Frost Matts Mattsson, and he became the pioneer for the whole industry. Initially the company made parts for traditional Mora clocks, nit combs, small bells, brooches and pastry wheels. Frost Matts Mattsson manufactured his first barrel and boiler room taps in 1876.

FM Mattsson largely owes its success over the years to all the skilled and creative employees. The local craft traditions have been passed down for many generations, and the villagers have closely guarded their knowledge about the innermost secrets of brass. Brass became the gold of this region.

FM Mattsson mixers are primarily distinguished by high quality and innovative technology. For example, FM Mattsson was the first to introduce ceramic seals, frost-proof garden valves and the two world-unique solutions: soft closing single lever mixers and thermostatic mixing valves.

For most people, a mixer is just an attractive interior design feature that supplies water and enhances the interior of a kitchen or bathroom. For us who have been working with mixers for over 150 years, it means so much more. We value aesthetic qualities both on the inside and the outside. Among other things, this means developing technical solutions that help saving both water and energy, thereby improving the environment. To us, aesthetic values essentially means always to consider all the aspects. This is perfectly exemplified by our new mixer range FM Mattsson Siljan. These mixers are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.