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We are committed to promote a better, more sustainable environment. That is why we continuously work to solve small everyday environmental problems. In our experience, they effect us as much as the larger problems.

The concept behind ECOSAFE is to always consider the whole aspect. Otherwise we may help the environment in one area, but risk losing ground in another. In view of this, we need to minimise the overall environmental impact from our business and production in order to reduce the total environmental impact from consumers using our products.

To solve environmental problems at this level is not an easy task. To succeed, our company has summoned all its experience, know-how and commitment. Together, we have reviewed all aspects of our products, from the energy and water saving functions of our mixers to transportation and energy consumption in our factories.

Scientists and experts are in total agreement, the human impact on the global environment is constantly increasing. Our aim is to do everything we can to change this. And, you can help, too! By installing environmental friendly kitchen and bathroom taps, you can reduce your water and energy consumption by up to 30%.